Investment Criteria


We are a small team, making us a nimble investor that can move quickly to close deals. We are industry-agnostic but have developed sector-specific focus in the areas of Biotech, Fintech and Cleantech. We look for projects that can provide significant value in solving unmet global problems. 

How we Invest

We generally invest in early rounds and maintain our support as our portfolio
companies progress towards Series A and beyond. We leverage our network to source deals as well as monitoring startup scenes and talking to potential partners at conferences.  We are always here with an open door, if you want to tell us about you and your roadmap on product and business development.

How It Works

We carefully consider every opportunity and want to get to know your team and
business plan. We ask tough questions and expect our founders to give honest,
considered feedback. Our ideal founder is ambitious and imaginative, and at the same time rigorous and realistic about the challenges of building a business.  Each portfolio company receives individual attention from our investment team and gets access to a strong community of tech teams across different industries.

Our Portfolio